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Dubai Real Estate

High Quality of Life, Excellent Living Conditions:
Dubai’s private sector has invested heavily in real estate such as hotels, residential and commercial properties, recreational and leisure facilities. In addition, a number of factors have contributed to the Emirate’s high quality of life and superior living conditions making it a model location for many to emulate. Those factors include excellent infrastructural facilities, low crime, clean environment, tolerance and cultural diversity, cosmopolitan life style, modern public administration, availability of a wide range of consumer goods and services, mild winters and clean, palm fringed beaches.

Real Estate in Dubai- Opportunity
The property and real estate market in Dubai, UAE is a rapidly expanding business. Investors can expect almost a 30% or more return on any property. Dubai is one of the few Arabian states open to the West in terms of culture and social integration and secure in terms of political and economic environments. The Dubai property market is growing and anyone who invests in the real estate of Dubai will see a rapid turnover in their investment.

Dubai Property Law
The long-awaited Dubai property law was issued by His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. The law says expatriates are now among those who can own properties in Dubai. Law No.7 of 2006 stipulates that freehold is limited to UAE and GCC citizens and companies wholly owned by them, as well as public shareholding companies.

The law also stipulates that upon approval of Dubai's Ruler, non-UAE nationals may be given the right to own properties in some parts of Dubai. They may be given the right to acquire a freehold property,
or a 99-year lease property, in areas designated by the Ruler. The law includes 11 chapters comprising 29 articles covering the issues of definitions, general rules, the implementation system of property hold, and the jurisdictions of the Dubai lands and properties Department.
It also stipulates the setting up of a property registration office at the Dubai Lands and Properties Department. This office will be responsible for documenting property rights and their amendments. Its records hold the ultimate evidence against all - without exceptions. Its records cannot be challenged except in the case of forgery.

The law says that a multi-storey property is considered a single property unit that shall be given one entry in the property record. All apartments of a single property unit will have supplementary records that include names of the owners of its apartments and any common facilities.

Dubai International Airport City project at Jebel Ali announced; work to begin by February The Airport City project stretches 140 square kilometers and will consist of, not just an airport, but ‎also numerous smaller cities which will provide to the financial, industrial, service and tourism industry needs related to the aviation commerce. The center of the city will be one of the world’s largest airports.

The airport at Jebel Ali will be constructed 40 kms from the existing Dubai International Airport bordering to Jebel Ali Port and Jebel Ali Free Zone. It will be bounded by a strategic road network connecting the airport to the different emirates and some of the GCC countries.

The project will be done in stages. The first stage, will cost US $ 547 million (Dhs 2 billion) includes the Logistics City and one runway. When finished, the airport will have the facility to handle 120 million passengers and 12 million tones’ of shipment annually. All facilities will be operational to handle latest generation aircraft including the A380.

The new airport will consist of a well designed and incorporated ‘city’ that will form the modern core for aviation and business industries, and at the same time provide to the general public and tourist. The urban setting will be structured into ‘cities’ featuring aviation, logistics, commercial, residential, educational, recreational, technology and entertainment facilities. The Dubai International Airport City at Jebel Ali shall comprise of the following.

Dubai Logistics City This will be the world’s largest comprehensive logistics center for air, sea and ‎road service, located next to Jebel Ali Port and Free Zone.

Commercial City
This will be the economic and business heart of the airport city outlining a ‎spectacular new Dubai skyline. This will be a high rise area of more than 850 towers (50-300 meters ‎in height). It is said to become the future financial and business centre for top ‎companies.

Aviation City
This is predicted to becoming the regional headquarters for leading companies working in the aviation industry, which includes suppliers, maintenance specialists, manufacturers etc.

Science and Technology Park

This will cater to the industrial and technological sector.

Residential City
There will be a diversity of accommodations from lavish estates and large apartments to inexpensive developments and airport staff lodging. Residents will have commercial and community services.

Golf Resort
This is expected to be the region’s largest golf course enclosed by high-rise residential towers as well as villas in a structure of clusters.